Frequently Asked Questions

The Range Independent Living Units

Q – Is there an emergency alarm system?
Yes, each villa is fitted with the Safety Link emergency call system via telephone

Q – Can I get Pay TV and Internet access?
Yes. Neither are provided, however residents are permitted to set up either service at their own costs.

Q – Can I customise my villa?
Villas may not be altered or changed unless a request has been made and approved by on site managers. This decision is at the managers own discretion.

Q – What can I add to my garden?
Anything, within reason, may be added to the garden.

Q – Who looks after my lawn and garden?
On-site gardeners maintain communal gardens, while residents must look after their own gardens.

Q – Who maintains my villa?
The interior of the villa is maintained by the resident, while the exterior cleaning, gutters, and maintenance is looked after by management and cleaners.

Q – Can I rent out my villa?

Q – Can visitors stay?
Yes, providing managers are informed prior to your visitor’s stay.

Q – Are pets allowed?
Yes, pets are allowed in consultation with on-site management.

Q – Where do I park my car?
Each villa has its own garage. Resident visitor parking must not impinge on the flow of traffic.

Q – Where is mail delivered?
Mail is delivered to the office and then distributed.

Q – Who collects my rubbish?
Contact on-site managers for this information.

Q – Where can I store my caravan, boat or trailer?
Contact on-site managers for this information.

Q – What happens when I go on holidays?
For security purposes it is important residents inform managers of their plans to go away. The resident’s maintenance fee will continue over the period of resident’s holiday.

Q – Are the villages connected to public transport?
Yes, public transport facilities are nearby. However, there is not a daily route which goes directly past the villages. Village residents will need to find their own way or taxi to the station. The village bus is also available for weekly outings.

Q – Who pays for utilities such as water and gas?
Residents pay for their own utilities. A utility fee is extra on top of the maintenance fee.

Q – Do I own the land where my villa is situated?

Q – Do I pay body corporate fees? Council rates?
Residents pay council rates.

Q – What does the home price include?
Contact on-site managers for this information.

Q- Is my deposit refundable if I cannot proceed with the purchase of my new home?
Contact on-site managers for this information.

Q – What sort of contract will I enter into?
Residents will enter into a lifetime occupancy agreement.

Q – What is an outgoing contribution/ deferred management fee?
Contact managers.

Q – When is the best time to enter a retirement community and how should we approach it?
According to the Retirement Villages Association (RVA), you will need to consider your needs and personal preferences and some key questions likely to emerge. For example, you should give thought to:
•    the type of accommodation you want to live in (whether it’s a villa, apartment or serviced apartment)
•    if it’s an RVA accredited village
•    where the village is located and if it has access to aged care facilities
•    the costs and fees
•    the activities and services at each village
•    if there are places such as libraries, churches and recreation facilities nearby

Q – What standard fittings and fixtures are available with my purchase?

Contact on-site managers for this information.